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Applescal - Mirage EP
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Pascal Terstappen, aka Applescal has released a new EP called Mirage, which you can download now for "name your price",

From the Atomnation newsletter:

Contrary to many of his past releases, Pascal Terstappen's latest offering as Applescal blends his melodic approach to electronic music with a number of peculiar samples. The release is a little darker than his previous work and it contains sampled world music and some excerpts from different meditation tapes he found. As a result, most of the EP has a certain Eastern flavour to it.

Pascal is clearly breaking the mould with ''Mirage'' or as he explains himself: "Sometimes you have to change the way you make music to keep things interesting. This latest effort is best to be seen as a side experiment on the way towards a totally different long player."

Applescal - Mirage EP