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Anthony Linell - Sculpting Energy
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That sweet spot between straight-up Techno and Techno with a hint of emotion to appeal to a wider audience: that's what Swede Anthony Linell has delivered with Sculpting Energy, the sixth release under his own name (he also has a long track record of celebrated releases as Abdulla Rashim, in case you didn't know). In complete contrast to his sublime Ambient album A Sense Of Order, from earlier this year, Linell presents four tracks designed for the floor, and in doing so demonstrates his wide-ranging skillset, not only to produce sounds so effortlessly across different electronic sub-genres but the fine art of the EP composition; perfectly sequencing a selection to satisfy all sorts of Techno lovers.

Opening with Therme, light, punchy beats ride the wind before a whiff of warmth wafts in near the end, its subtle synths pushed low down in the mix add just enough emotion to hint at later delights. But don't be hoodwinked, bereft of melody, the electrified buzzing vibe on the title track, which directly follows, eradicates any creeping romantic notions that may have started to form, with rising tension levels sustained by a tempered bass drum. Increasing the pressure further, the taut rhythm on Shattered Across is as a severe, relentless and effective example of Techno you're likely hear at the end of 2018, think peak-time DJ tool. Thank goodness then for exceptional closing statement Vision of the Imminence, a bleak ascending melody emerges from an initially squelchy beat, hints of Aphex Twin resound; a perfect ending for Techno lovers seeking a little introspection in their music.

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Listens: 11
  • Highlight: Vision of the Imminence
  • Label: Northern Electronics
  • Release Date: 10th December 2018
Anthony Linell - Sculpting Energy