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Ancient Methods - XLR8R Podcast 539
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One of the best podcasts I've heard this year! Such a top quality selection, with the finest Electro and Techno offset with flashes of EBM, vocals and melody. Rousing stuff.

  1. Salo Salon "Mind Body Problem"
  2. Day Before Us "Citadel In The Aether"
  3. Blac Kolor "Nano Creator"
  4. Hypnoskull "4/4 Takt HK Tarnung"
  5. Ancient Methods "Twelve Stones To Divide Jordan’s Sand"
  6. Collin Strange "No Remorse"
  7. Dave Clarke "Charcoal Eyes" (Terence Fixmer Remix)
  8. Vofa "Piovitsia" / Apoptygma Berzerk "Backdraft" (edit)
  9. Crystal Geometry "Riot Tool"
  10. The Mover "Dark Comedown"
  11. JK Flesh "PI04.1" / Planetdamage "Enter 443"
  12. Talker "Battle Standard" (Surgeon Remix) / Necro Deathmort "M25"
  13. Future9596 "The Abyss"
  14. Makaton "Around The Throat" / Scalameriya "A Hostile Womb"
  15. UVB "Slash And Burn"
  16. Minimum Syndicat "Nosebleed"
  17. Delectro "Coldness" (Al Ferox Rmx)
  18. Ontal "Defeated Objects" / S.E.T.I. "Knowledge"
  19. Inhalt Der Nacht "Lichter"
  20. NO/ON "Metalavia" (Opioid Slot Machine remix) / Scannoir "Loss Hellwyl"
  21. Gatto Nero "Dirt" / Imperial Black Unit "God, Ceinture & Miséricorde" (Club Edit)
  22. Nur Jaber "War Pigs"
  23. Clark "New Year Storm" / Ramirez "Hablando"
  24. Rebekah "Waiting For You"
  25. Kavaro "Thera" (Milton Bradley Remix) / Strom "Sienna"
  26. Imperial Black Unit "Now You Can Pray"
  27. Giant Swan "IFTLOYL" / Maenad Veyl "Who You Could Not"
  28. Celldöd "Kall Fusion"
  29. Synths Versus Me "My Tribe"
  30. Strictures "Dance Ov The Inanimate Objects" (edit)
  31. Steve Bicknell "Depth Of Perception" / Luminance "Viper Smile"
  32. Sinoia Caves "Forever Dilating Eye" (edit)
  33. Future Funk "Die Schlange" / Porter Ricks "Anguilla Electrica"
  34. Fitz Roy "Seven Pitches"
  35. Kiew Aspirin N "Dad Gone It" (edit)
Ancient Methods - XLR8R Podcast 539