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Ancestral Voices - Night of Visions Remixes
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Berlin-based label Samurai Horo have lined up two EPs of remixes from 2015's Night Of Visions, the debut album from Ancestral Voices, with the first EP available now and the second one arriving later this month. With two tracks on each, the former caters for the dancefloor with its distinct tribal slant while the latter provides an arresting headphone experience.

Swedish producer and Northern Electronics label head Abdulla Rashim begins with the stripped back mantra Invocations and beefs it up with robust beats and layers of percussion interspersed with dirty, parping flutes... um chagga lagga! On the B-side, a collaborative effort from ASC and Sam KDC transforms Feathered Serpent beyond recognition; the intense tribal rhythms are awash with percussive textures.

On the second EP Samuel Kerridge boldy combines two tracks: Sleepless Night, First Light and (my personal favourite from the album) Ritual Terre and produces the kind of music best appreciated with headphones! A close cousin of Roly Porter's nightmarish journeys with reverberating bass, muffled sound snippets and haunting choral sections; it treads a fine balance between intoxicating and intolerable. The highlight of the four remixes comes from shadowy character Pact Infernal and his take on Vine Of The Soul – not actually from the album but the sampler instead. We're presented with a dense and atmospheric take on dance music where intense synths work alongside haunting bass; the result has an orchestral feel, it tells a story... high drama indeed!

8/10 after 12 listens

Ancestral Voices - Night of Visions Remixes