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A few good tunes Vol 56
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A new installment of good tuneage for you, with Somewhen, Mule Driver, Meridian Brothers, a superb Hodge remix for Jay Glass Dubs (with Jasmine on vocals), Ociya, Fabio Monesi, Cindy and that banger by oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star.

  1. Somewhen - Ruined
  2. Mule Driver - Flat Circle
  3. Meridian Brothers - Puya Del Empresario
  4. Jay Glass Dubs feat. Jasmine - Shape (Hodge remix)
  5. Ociya - Spring On Jupiter
  6. oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star - Coercion
  7. Fabio Monesi - Love Letter (Original Radio Edit)
  8. Cindy - Never Let Me Go
A few good tunes Vol 56