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A few good tunes Vol 53
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A few good tunes Vol 53 contains nine new tunes that are guaranteed to stir your mind and activate your body. Includes work by Rhys Fulber (featuring an excellent vocal from Sara Taylor), eedl, Men With Secrets, Benoit B, Russ Gabriel, LVRIN, Sofia Kourtesis, Zoé Zoe and bergsonist.

Listen to A few good tunes Vol 53

  1. Rhys Fulber - Slip It In (feat. Sara Taylor)
  2. eedl - Flattened Life
  3. Men With Secrets - Cabaret Démodé
  4. Benoit B - Global Go
  5. Russ Gabriel - Planet Discovery (Reshaped and rearranged by Future Beat Alliance)
  6. LVRIN - Syndrome
  7. Sofia Kourtesis - Sarita Colonia
  8. Zoé Zoe - My Personal (Dulcinea Del Toboso)
  9. bergsonist - Je Rêve, Je Dors (feat. naano tani)
A few good tunes Vol 53