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A few good tunes Vol 46
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A playlist with music by oqbqbo, Lapien, Tamburi Neri, Hymns, Douala, E.R.P., Lustmore, Solar X and Rebolledo & The Novotones.

  • oqbqbo - Rei - heartfelt melody on Posh Isolation from new Russian producer with unpronounceable name. From essential mini album called Untitled
  • Lapien - Moonset (natural/electronic.system. remix) - on Tikita records from Casablanca, a rolling vibey track, taken from Brumel EP
  • Tamburi Neri - Pechino - Claudio Brioschi (from Boot & Tax) is joined by Andrea Barbieri on vocals, who take us on a deep, atmospheric trip. Taken from Works #1 EP on Optimo Music
  • Hymns - Water Acid - came out last year on Australian label Salt Mines, this dreamy House/Acid/Breakbeat hybrid showers you warmth and reassurance. From the Waves of Nothing EP
  • Douala - Mysteries of Life - another one from yesteryear (highlighting how valuable it is to see what your Bandcamp friends are buying) this minimalistic, dubby track from the Swiss producer opens the X-Kalay inaugural label compilation
  • E.R.P. - Burning Question - the always reliable Gerard Hanson returns with more subliminal quality. Taken from new album Afterimage. Vinyl only...tsk!
  • These Hidden Hands - Socotra (Lustmore Remix) - I still passionately love Vicarious Memories, so am reassured to find this remix EP is a perfect match in quality. The Lustmore take on Socotra fits the downtempo vibe of this playlist perfectly. Get on it ASAP
  • Solar X - Mistress Awaits You - more downtempo vibes. From 1997 album Xrated by Russian producer Roman Belavkin, aka Solar X - sounds as fresh as a daisy!
  • Rebolledo & The Novotones - Mountain Eagle (The Black Frame Desert Mix) - incoming from the left! Forthcoming Kompakt compilation Velvet Desert Music Vol. 1, curated by Jörg Burger, "combines elements of rock, folk, country, surf, krautrock and psychedelic in contemporary electronic music"
A few good tunes Vol 46