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A few good tunes Vol 4
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Here's a new artist called Grant, who produces deep, vibey house... brings to mind a muscular DJ Sprinkles. Debut album The Acrobat, out on The Lauren Bacall on the 21st September.

Listening to this new track Violet from Liz Harris (of Grouper fame) with her new shoegaze band Helen, I'm starting to appreciate how much of a crossover the 90's guitar-wall-of-sound has with ambient music. The album's pretty good too.

Matrixxman works his Techno magic on the Bob Moses track Talk, taking it from sweet to savoury.

Julia Holter continues to produce quirky yet catchy pop in Sea Calls Me Home. New album Have You In My Wilderness out the 25th September.

John Roberts returns with Orah, a taster from his forthcoming EP Orah out on his own new label Brunette Editions.

A few good tunes Vol 4