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A few good tunes Vol 38
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  1. Croatian Amor & Varg - They Took Turns Lifting One of Their Own - the highlight from recent collborative EP Body of Water by Varg and Croatian Amor, out on Posh Isolation
  2. Morah - Cassiopeia's Daughter's Nebular Gate - rugged Electro with riffs borrowed from heavy metal, here to destroy all dancefloors. Out on the ever-reliable brokntoys
  3. Aleksi Perälä - UK74R1822010 - old-skool-themed beats with a Rephlex bent, lifted from new eight track album Sunshine 2
  4. DSG - Parting Ways - in a similar vein to the Morah track above, rugged Electro with melody from Glasgow-based label Palais de Danse
  5. Redlight - Equinox - a surprising inclusion perhaps but entirely on merit. Via Unknown To The Unknown, the big room selector brings old-skool Drum 'n' Bass therapy
  6. C.A.R. - This City (Michael Mayer Remix) - Michael Mayer and melody are close kinsmen, and on this remix for C.A.R. he turns to the dancefloor with hightened emotion
  7. Leon Vynehall - Envelopes (Chapter VI) - meandering, Ambient affair builds withs strings and emotion. Taster from forthcoming album Nothing Is Still on Ninja Tune in June
  8. Afrodeutsche - I Know Not What I Do - from the second of three compilations by African collective NON, this Afrodeutsche track is one of many highlights
A few good tunes Vol 38