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A few good tunes Vol 35
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Here's a few good tunes Vol 35 featuring Varg, Lawrence Le Doux, Planet Uterus, Architectural, Avatism, Other Lands, Nathan Fake and TRP.

  1. TRP - Things Won't Change - a new EP from TRP aka David Willenberger and more languid Electro in the shape of Things Won't Change
  2. Varg - ტკივილგამაყუჩებელი - soothing, orchestral vibes from the recent Posh Isolation compilation I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You
  3. Nathan Fake - Arcaibh - quietly hypnotic "live" track (one take, no edits) from new EP Sunder on Ninja Tune
  4. Other Lands - Descent Into Nasqueron - on Edinburgh's Firecracker Recordings, a new EP called Pattern Transform from Gavin Sutherland (aka Fudge Fingas) under his Other Lands guise. Begins moody and downbeat before transforming halfway through with a clattering outburst of drums
  5. Lawrence Le Doux - Fabiola Riddim - standout track from the Belgian's new album on Vlek; some reliably decent Dub Techno inspired by an old tape saved from a house fire
  6. Avatism - Outrospection - emotive Techno and Breakbeat on the Italian label Parachute
  7. Architectural - Plastic Dreams - chilling and hypnotic chiming from the Spanish producer Juan Rico, taken from new EP Elastic Layouts
  8. Planet Uterus - Interior Renovations - downbeat and melancholy music from ex-Gielging mainstay Traumprinz
A few good tunes Vol 35