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A few good tunes Vol 31
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Here's a few good tunes Vol 31 comprising Hanetration, MIS+RESS, Kelly Lee Owens, The Mayhem Lecture Series, Azar Swan, The Hacker, Marco Bailey and Existente.

  1. Hanetration - Earth - best track from the new Ancients EP by the anonymous UK producer Hanetration. The whole EP is great though and it's FREE
  2. MIS+RESS - The History of Fishes - dreamy ambient guitar instrumentals from the debut album The History of Fishes by American producer Brian Wenckebach, out via Somewherecold Records
  3. Kelly Lee Owens - More Than A Woman - stepping ever nearer the mainstream there's definite hints of Kelis all over this flowering pop song, but I like it
  4. The Mayhem Lecture Series - Intrepid - music built on geometry? Ok you've got my attention... out now on Arctic Dub
  5. Azar Swan - Territorial - intriguing taster from Savage Exile, the forthcoming Azar Swan album on aufnahme + wiedergabe. Combines nice vocals and sounds
  6. The Hacker - Underwater Sequence - delicious Electro from the Frenchman, taken from forthcoming album Le Théâtre des Opérations, out on 14th November
  7. Marco Bailey - Klauth - one of many highlights from the new album Temper, quiet different from the usual floor Techno he's known for
  8. Existente - Theta v5 (Repetir) - dark, dripping wet and thoroughly drenched in atmosphere, five beautiful tracks of haunting ambience from Dave Wesley; think GAS. Taken from the Theta Series album, out now on Arctic Dub
A few good tunes Vol 31