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A few good tunes Vol 30
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Here's a few good tunes Vol 30 comprising Steffi, Nadia Struiwigh, åmnfx, Hoeksema, Lakker, bvdub and Fatima Yamaha.

  1. Steffi - Different Entities - an exciting change in direction from the established producer with her third album World Of The Waking State, out now on Ostgut Ton
  2. Nadia Struiwigh - Trip in Fiction - subtle yet robust Techno from the Dutch artist that stealthily grows in strength with increased listening
  3. åmnfx - We Will Live In A Better World Someday - Vasily Skobeev returns with a new one, piano and beats that work in harmony
  4. Hoeksema - Palais - there's something about this sweetly sung melody from the Calgary-based artist Samuel Hoeksema that intrigues me. Opening track from a forthcoming EP called Life After (out 10th November on Good Eye Records)
  5. Lakker - Song For Rathlin - the Irish due return with a sublime downbeat number, a ghostly vocal snippet backed by a gently haunting choir atop spare beats. Taken from forthcoming EP Eris Harmonia
  6. bvdub - Limitless - more spacious soundscapes from the American producer Brock Van Wey; immersive piano, whispering vocals. Central track from new album Heartless, out now on n5MD
  7. Fatima Yamaha - Platforms - beautiful piano-led number from the Dekmantel favourite, closing the fifth EP in their ten year celebration
A few good tunes Vol 30