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A few good tunes Vol 28
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A few good tunes from Matthew Dear, Romare, Crystal Maze, Akkord, Daphni, Norwell, In Paradisum, Pattern Language and Woo York.

  1. Matthew Dear - Modafinil Blues - first new music since Beams in 2012, written with long time Frank Ocean collaborator Troy Nōka, has a gentle Pop swing
  2. Romare - Come Close To Me (Live Session 1) - a laidback beat and a woozy melody from Archie Fairhurst
  3. Crystal Maze - Worlds Reversed - moody melody reminiscent of Boards of Canada
  4. Akkord - RCVR - a nice shift from the lo-fi Ambient of Crystal Maze to the lo-fi Jungle of Akkord
  5. Daphni - Tin - a taster from Dan Snaith's upcoming fabric mix as Daphni
  6. Norwell - Celestial Bodies - taken from new EP called "Odd", Celestial Bodies rides an emotional wave
  7. Run Dust - Father Raimond - multi-talented artist Luke Calzonetti, from his new album Leisure Village
  8. Pattern Language - Le Choc des Etoiles - closing track from Total Squaresville
  9. Woo York - Strobos - woozy vibes from Woo York, taken from Frozen Lake EP, via Sematica
A few good tunes Vol 28