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A few good tunes Vol 27
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A few good tunes from Annanan & Maroje T, Aril Brikha, Tycho (featuring Beacon), Die Selektion, Demen, Matt Emery, Reverend Marco D'Andrea and Shanti Celeste.

  1. Annanan & Maroje T. - Confrontation In Terms Of Sexuality - spooky melody, whispery female vocal, banging beats, what's not to like? Forthcoming EP on Pinkman from Annanan who is joined by Maroje T. as part of The Brooklyn Sessions
  2. Aril Brikha - Eat The Heart - new Brikha tune, part of a new Something Happening Somewhere compilation
  3. Tycho - See (feat. Beacon) - Beacon's Thomas Mullarney III adds vocals to an old Tycho track and transform it
  4. Die Selektion - Dir & Mir - from the recent album by the German cold wave electronic punks Die Selektion
  5. Demen - Niorum - more dark and gloomy vibes with a female lead
  6. Matt Emery - Polycrates - mooody piano from the British composer. Album coming later this year
  7. Reverend Marco D'Andrea - A Painter - experimental ambient music mixed by Junior Boys
  8. Shanti Celeste - Thoughts - I've probably already said enough about this release, just get onto it asap.
A few good tunes Vol 27