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A few good tunes Vol 24
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A few good tunes from Pye Corner Audio with guest vocalist Faten Kanaan, ASOK, Christian Löffler, Royer, Maelstrom, Lake Haze and Mary Lattimore.

  1. Pye Corner Audio with Faten Kanaan - The Darkest Wave - Martin Jenkins joins forces with Faten Kanaan in an update to Visage's Fade to Grey
  2. ASOK - Planetfall - Stu Robinson returns to Lobster Theremin sub-label Mörk with more emotive electronic music
  3. Christian Löffler - Lid - from his second album Mare
  4. Royer - d'orr22 - more from Mörk, this time, Dub Techno by William Thurman
  5. Maelstrom - A Victory At Teruel - a taster from his forthcoming album Her Empty Eyes, due out on 19th May on RAAR
  6. Lake Haze - Poseidon's Dream - Portuguese producer Gonçalo Salgado back on Creme Organization with new EP Intergalactic Communicationz
  7. Mary Lattimore - Wawa By The Ocean - a very pleasant surprise this from American classically trained harpist Mary Lattimore. Looking forward to hearing the album
A few good tunes Vol 24