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A few good tunes Vol 23
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Here's A few good tunes Vol 23, from Farai, a Betonkust remix of Falco Benz, åmnfx, nthng, Joe Goddard, Ghost Culture, doon kanda, lwhednar, High Plains and Waclaw Zimpel.

  1. Farai - Lion Warrior - London-based Zimbabwean artist with an emotional war cry
  2. Falco Benz - Like Today (Betonkust's Middle Of The Night remix) - mysterious Dutch producer tackles a track from Falco Benz's Confiturisme album
  3. åmnfx - Forget - new release on 100% Silk - that's all you need to know really
  4. nthng - It Never Ends - forthcoming on Lobster Theremin, an album proper from the Dutch maestro
  5. Joe Goddard - Music Is The Answer - new music from one half of The 2 Bears, from forthcoming sophomore album Electric Lines
  6. Ghost Culture - Coma - James Greenwood continues his mesmerising path to Techno stardom with a massive track lifted from his new five track EP Nucleus
  7. doon kanda - axolotl - Jesse Kanda the (visual) artist behind acts like FKA twigs, Björk and Arca. He now steps out on his own with a pretty sweet five track EP - axolotl is the standout
  8. Ulwhednar - LKAB - Ulwhednar is Varg and Abdulla Rashim, and LKAB is a track from their fifth album of Ambient and Techno
  9. High Plains - Cinderland - Techno piano with fragile cello chords make for chilling and sombre mood music, stunning stuff
  10. Waclaw Zimpel - Deo Gratias - classical sounds with an electronic bent where the clarinet takes centre stage
A few good tunes Vol 23