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A few good tunes Vol 22
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Here's a few good tunes Vol 22, from Throwing Snow, Kelly Lee Owens (with Jenny Hval), Schwefelgelb, Lastrack, schlachthofbronx, John Barera & Volvox, Sixth June, Equinox, Nathan Jonson and Richard D James (aka user1808197).

  1. Throwing Snow - Cantor's Dust (Parts 1 & 2) - I may not have heard the Throwing Snow album if it hadn't been part of my fabric subscription, but I'm glad I have, it's packed with big hooks and the most tasteful instrumentation
  2. Kelly Lee Owens - Anxi. (ft. Jenny Hval) - this track from her self-titled forthcoming album sounds very promising, looking forward to that
  3. Schwefelgelb - Es zieht mich - emotive EBM-styled Techno from Schwefelgelb on aufnahme + wiedergabe should dislodge the sleepy men from your morning eyes
  4. Lastrack - Clairette to Die - clandestinely menacing Techno from Lastrack, on Brother From Different Mothers
  5. schlachthofbronx - Blurred Vision - a very memorable Bass track
  6. John Barera & Volvox: Goals - Barera makes Tech-House nirvana with Volvox, taken from his new Goals EP
  7. Sixth June - Night Before - more aufnahme + wiedergabe, this time retro Pop from Sixth June - just check out the amazing sax!
  8. Equinox - Goodbye (feat Dementio13) - British spoken word artist Equinox collaborates with Cardiff-based Dementio13 and produces something that sounds like Mike Skinner's offspring that you'd want to hear!
  9. Nathan Jonson - Softly - continues his fine work, album soon hopefully?
  10. tnodvood104 by user1808197 - Richard D James with a subtle ambient little ditty
A few good tunes Vol 22