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A few good tunes Vol 20
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Here's a few good tunes Vol 20, from Daddy Long Legs, Glass Figure, CHPTR, hausfrau, Lamont Kohner, Ziúr, SSTROM and a Ricardo Donoso remix of Recondite.

  1. Daddy Long Legs - Intergalactic Lover - Tom Parker on CPU with some lovely Electro Pop
  2. Glass Figure - The Ultimate Seduction Part 2 - fifth single from French producer Christophe Le Gall
  3. CHPTR - CHPTR X - driving Techno from an anonymous entity
  4. hausfrau - Dancehall Days - taken from Huntleys & Palmers' second free compilationDancehall Days is retro-sounding Electronic Pop from Glasgow-based musician and artist Claudia Nova, aka hausfrau. The song originally appeared on her Trivial Pursuits EP
  5. Lamont Kohner - Dissident - Lamont Kohner is Patrick Benolkin and he makes dubby Techno
  6. Ziúr - Collar Bone - taken from her highly recommended EP Deeform, Ziúr is a Berlin-based producer Mika Risiko and she makes breathtaking experimental electronic music
  7. SSTROM - Fyren - debut EP of experimental electronic tuneful Techno from mysterious new producer on Spain's Semantica Records
  8. Recondite - Capable (Ricardo Donoso Clemency Version) - the Brazilian producer adds his spooky magic to Recondite
A few good tunes Vol 20