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A few good tunes Vol 2
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Here's a few tunes that I've been digging recently.

As fabric describe it, the Club Mix of new track Near Me by Maxi Soundsystem, featuring vocals from Danielle Moore, is one of those "deep and emotive tunes that fits perfectly into those post-3am immersion moments".

I discovered Rafael Cerato via this Attack Magazine article. Highland is taken from his new Bucolik EP.

Leftfield return with a new album, Alternative Light Source, and after just a couple of listens, I'm very impressed. Here's Little Fish, featuring vocals from Channy Leaneagh.

From DJ Three's teshno 'On The Record' article, one of the records that had the most influence on him was Dub Love by Master C & J. Considering that it was released in 1986, this just blows me away... truly amazing!

Not a single track this one, but a live recording from worriedaboutsatan featuring a few tracks from their recent album Even Temper.

Last one, from the Pye Audio Corner contribution to the Ghost Box series, lead track Machines are Obsolete is dark disco at it's best.

A few good tunes Vol 2