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A few good tunes Vol 16
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Six downbeat electronic Pop tracks taking in House, Enka and beats.

  1. LTO - Awaken - easily the best moment from a varied album (The Number From Which All Things Come). The pitched-down vocals and sad piano work in perfect harmony
  2. Delroy Edwards - H.A.T.B. - another mixed bag the new album (Hanging At The Beach) from Edwards, but this track is a downbeat masterpiece, both minutes of it!
  3. Ross From Friends - Gettin' It Done - cheesy name aside, this catchy house track oozes melancholy yet remains uplifting
  4. Kiki Hitomi - Pink No Kimono - taken from her new album Karma No Kusari, a short but perfectly formed blend of Enka and reggae
  5. Beesmunt Soundsystem - Afterglow - elements of Detroit Techno and early Aphex Twin make this track the standout moment from the Dutch duos new Afterglow EP
  6. Kuedo - In Your Sleep (ft. Hayden Thorpe) - if this gorgeous track is an indicator of the quality we can expect from the new Kuedo album, then I'm starting to get excited. Slow Knife is out on Planet Mu on October 14th
A few good tunes Vol 16