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A few good tunes Vol 14
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A new mini playlist for you, includes Vatican Shadow, Mano Le Tough (remixed by DJ Koze), Ghost Culture, Head Technician, Dusky (remixed by Shed) and Rude Audio.

From the recent Facticity compilation, we open with the gorgeous Swords Over Paradise by Vatican Shadow... dreamy stuff. More delirium follows with the deft but delicate touch of DJ Koze and his reworking of Mano Le Tough's Energy Flow... emotive stuff! In contrast, both to the preceding tracks and to his previous material, a brand spanking new track from James Greenwood, aka Ghost Culture. From dreamy electronic pop to driving Electro pop we've seen considerable development in his work over the last year–great things are expected for his next album. From his debut album as The Head Technician Martin Jenkins (aka Pye Corner Audio) trades in satisfying Electro Acid. Divergent is the opening track from album Zones. Ingrid is a Hybrid is the result of a commercial track being roughed up out the back by a tough Techno head. In adding some suitably gritty textures and beefing up the bass Shed has altered the aspect of the Dusky for the better. We close with Knockemdub by Rude Audio–head-noddingly good Electro Dub.

  1. Vatican Shadow - Swords Over Paradise
  2. Mano Le Tough - Energy Flow (DJ Koze Miles and More Remix)
  3. Ghost Culture - More
  4. The Head Technician - Divergent
  5. Dusky - Ingrid Is A Hybrid (Shed Remix)
  6. Rude Audio - Knockemdub
A few good tunes Vol 14