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A few good tunes Vol 13
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A new mini playlist for you, includes DJ Shadow (with Nils Frahm), Audion, Lake Haze, Leonardo Martelli, Aleksi Perala, Introflirt and Tirzah.

From the new DJ Shadow album, The Mountain Will Fall, opening track Bergschrund is a fine collaboration with piano sensation Nils Frahm. I've still not listened to the new Audion album Alpha enough to judge its overall merits but so far Suppa stands out to my liking. We then have some emotive Acid from Gonçalo Salgado aka Lake Haze, taken from his forthcoming new EP Somewhere Between Shadows. Next up, Leonardo Martelli is back with a new six-track EP entitled Previsto. If you liked his debut single Menti Singole then this is more of the same. Aleksi Perälä may not need an introduction for most but he's fairly new to me. He's one of those artists that, based on his mammoth new album The Colundi Sequence Level 16, has left me kicking myself for missing out for so long. Resident Advisor did a nice feature which should give some insight into his approach to making music. More Croonwave from eighties-obsessed electronic pop band Introflirt and their track Frozen Lace, a taster of their upcoming sophomore album Temporary Heaven. Finally, a brief but beautiful little ditty from Tirzah.

A few good tunes Vol 13