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A few good tunes Vol 12
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Here's seven tracks worth checking out:

  1. Avondlicht - Disintegration Patterns
    Opening track from his recent EP of the same name is a long, slow burner
  2. In Æternam Vale - DJ Zero
    Once you start looking, there's a wealth of amazing music out there by French Techno pioneer Laurent Prot. DJ Zero is an Electro monster from 1992. Keep an eye for his forthcoming Pink Flamingos album
  3. Function/Inland - Colwyn Bay
    One of the highlights so far from the forthcoming new Facticity compilation on David Sumner's and Ed Davenport's Infrastructure New York label
  4. Lee Bannon - 3m5-sideA
    One of the more listenable cuts form his recent free mixtape
  5. Machine Woman - I Can Mend Your Broken Heart (Kassem Mosse Remix)
    Lengthy and chilled-out reworking of title track from Anastasia Vtorova's recent EP of the same name
  6. Tagwell Woods - Rabbit Society
    More low-key, sinister vibes, this time from an EP called Mecca
  7. John Frusciante - Foregrow
    Remember Trickfinger's album of acid bangers from last year? Well, this lead track from a recent EP of the same name combines an acid workout with vocals, to great effect!
A few good tunes Vol 12