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A few good tunes Vol 11
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Eight great tunes this time round from Der Zyklus, Slam, E.R.P., Umwelt, Silk Road Assassins, ASOK, SHXCXCHCXSH and Studio OST.

Visible Spectrum is the opening track from the new Der Zyklus album Renormalon, and sounds very promising; beatless and ambient. Slam continue their march to Techno utopia with a banger that unfairly provokes references to the Knight Rider theme but actually delivers a high-tension, peak-time dancefloor destroyer! E.R.P. is Gerard Hanson aka Convextion and he makes the sweetest, dreamiest Detroit Techno. Ancient Light is the lead track from a forthcoming new EP of the same name. Lead track from the new KILLEKILL compilation MEGAHITS II is by Umwelt and what a belter it is! Gravitational Lens has all the hallmarks of a classic Aphex or Plaid tune. Word on the street is that Umwelt has a new album coming soon too!

From their debut mini-album Reflection Spaces, Cryo Enemy by Silk Road Assasins dabbles in dreamy Dubstep... beautiful! One of the better tracks on A Mind Forever Voyaging, the debut ASOK album, is Visible Differences, mixing moody synths with resonant beats and vocal samples; head-noddingly good - out on Creme Organisation now. We have a taster of the new SHXCXCHCXSH album called SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (nine 'Ss' = track nine, innit?). Final tune is from the mysterious Studio OST and their album Scenes 2012-2015. It's actually a collaboration between Alvin Aronson and Galcher Lustwerk, and the music is deliciously swoon-worthy... think Detroit Techno again (can never get enough).

A few good tunes Vol 11