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A few good tunes Vol 10
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Six tunes worth checking out from Ghost Culture, Tuff City Kids, DJ Spider (Volte-Face remix), Marquis Hawkes, Ben Lukas Boysen and Grace.

Starting with some unexpected by very welcome acid tones from Ghost Culture and a track called Safe, taken from a forthcoming EP entitled Safe / Multiply. This is followed by R.U.T.H.S., the fourth (and arguably best) track from the new Tuff City Kids EP Underground House Research Vol 2. We then get beautifully stripped back Techno in the form of a Volte-Face remix of the DJ Spider track Prophetic Technology, taken from his Burning Museum EP.

Next up we have Fantasy, a taster of the upcoming Marquis Hawkes album Social Housing; party vibes aplenty! After all that, some downtime is inevitable (albeit it temporary) we welcome the delicate piano of Ben Lukas Boysen which builds up layers of fuzz and sublte feedback. The track is called Golden Times 1 and is lifted from his forthcoming album Spells, out on Erased Tapes on 10th June. We end with the creepy sounding Untitled 3 from Grace, aka Vereker, one of four tracks from his new EP AVN024.

A few good tunes Vol 10