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A few forthcoming releases
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A quick note about some forthcoming releases that I'm keenly anticipating:

Grant - The Acrobat

New album of delicious house music from a mysterious producer (apparently someone we all know) out on The Lauren Bacall. Was due a couple of weeks ago, but as far as I can find, still hasn't surfaced yet. Listen below.

Ipman - The Depatterning

Debut album from the English producer Jack Gibbons who mashes together Jungle, Breakbeat and Techno to great effect! Regicide in particular is excellent. Due out on 16th October.

Special Request - Modern Warfare EPs

Three limited edition 12" EPs of expected Jungle supremacy from Paul Woolford, thankfully also available as a single digital download. We've already heard the future classic Amnesia and you can check out Reset It below. Due out 2nd November.

A few forthcoming releases