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3KZ - Not From Here
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If you enjoyed the recent Tracing Xircles EP then you'll love Not From Here, the second EP from duo Z.I.P.P.O. and Kalean, aka 3KZ: four uplifting tracks with a taste of summer. Title track Not From Here opens with a subtle tribal vibe before breaking out into a comfortable 4x4 Techno shape, backed by heavenly synths; a form repeated successfully with Circles and closing track Times. What lifts this collection further is the second track Nature Of Motion which drops the main beat in favour of a glorious synthesiser line.

Not From Here is out now via Balans and follows their debut album Parallel Reflections from April this year, and Distant Land, their first EP from late 2015, both on Z.I.P.P.O's own Fides imprint.

7/10 after 10 listens

3KZ - Not From Here