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When there's just too much amazing music for which to humanly devote the time to write a proper full review, I'll instead be compiling a selection of tips. Here's a few releases well worth investigating.

AFK & Bludwork - Loyalty N Service

Best friends team up for delightful six-track EP called Loyalty N Service on 100% Silk. The result is lazy, whoozy, snazzy, loungin' House beats.

Rune Clausen - Tones jul

On Berlin-based label Forwind, home to like-minded experimental Ambient producers Benjamin Finger and Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet, Norwegian Rune Clausen has released a second album of wintery, electro-acoustic Ambient, influenced by the outdoors. Tagged as "black metal ambience", the background to this is explained here:

Tones jul again differs from Rune’s last album with a more pared down, rudimentary approach. Foregoing some of the cleaner more up to date tools he has previously used, Rune turned to a cheap sampler, dying tech, a bass guitar and an old out of time analog synth to achieve the sound on the album. In his own words he wanted ‘to make it dirty and primitive like early 90s black metal’

If you're a fan of The Caretaker, you'll love this Rune Clausen album.

Fragments du Monde Flottant - Various Artists

Devendra Banhart has released Fragments du Monde Flottant, a genuinely beautiful twelve track compilation of work by his best friends–all 'never heard before' demos. Includes tracks from Nils Frahm, Vashti Bunyan and Arthur Russell. Essential.

KODAMA - Spells

Experimental Electronic Pop of the finest standard from a chap called Ringo Lukas. Here's a revealing interview. Spells is out via Black Verb Records.

Cosey Fanni Tutti - TUTTI

Extraordinary return for the ex-Throbbing Gristler... TUTTI is her first album in 36 years and it's truly special! Largely experimental in style, it's eight tracks of the most engaging Ambient electronic music.

Cedric Elisabeth - Prosperus

More achingly beautiful Ambient music. If you liked the Pattern Abuse compilation I reviewed earlier this year, then this five track EP PROSPERUS will surely satisfy: cold drones and haunting synths for the win. Out on Copenhagen-based label MALM.

Bruised Skies & Sangam - Division

Transcendental collaboration between two enormously prolific UK Ambient artists, Bruised Skies (aka Matthew Heywood) and Sangam. They make beautiful, melodic music, rich in texture, deep in mood. Third track No Go is particularly nice. You need to buy Division right away.

Mig Dfoe - The Part We Don't Know

Emotive, rousing and upbeat electronic music on Loki Recordings (Jesse Somfay, Russian Linesman) from Mexican producer Mig Dfoe, aka Juan Miguel Camacho Sanchez. The Part We Don't Know was recorded in 2008 but still sounds fresh today! Computer games, Reggae, Pop, Ambient... it's all in there.