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Aithale - Golden Thread
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Gliding effortlessly over the fine line that separates cold, minimal techno and warm synth pop, Greek producer Aithale (that's Michael Meimaroglou to his Mum) has created a debut album of tough beats and subtle melodies. Across the eight tracks of Golden Thread (ten if you include the two excellent bonus tracks) everything throbs and hums agreeably; this is no-nonsense Techno but with a warm heart. Top moments include Running Through The Metals with it's insistent bass-line and sad sounding synth and Hall of Fame (one of the bonus tracks) with it's ominous pulsing core. Only with repeated listens does the subtle shadow of melancholy that hangs over proceedings begin to manifest. And listen closely... within the shadows, there's a glistening thread neatly tieing the Techno together.

7/10 after 14 listens

Aithale - Golden Thread