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A few albums to check out


A few albums to check out

Some album tips worth sharing from the recent onslaught of new music

Matt Karmil - Will

With several releases since his debut ----, this is the one that I've been waiting for. Low-key and Ambient perfection. Best listened to on headphones to soak up the lovely background noise. And that 17 minute closing track Maffé may borrow a certain something from Autechre's Perlence subrange 6-36 but it's perfect for deep contemplation.

Mark Pritchard - The Four Worlds

Otherworldly and ephemeral: a simple joy on repeat. The British producer doing what he does best.

Mark Pritchard - The Four Worlds

Iwana 01 - Various

Australian label Bassic Records with a solid compilation of deep Techno. Smooth vibes, dark tones and a range of originals and remixes from artists like Ken Zo, Dylan Carroll, Kase Kochen and Gabriel Moraes.

Bassic Records - Iwana 01

Rodney Cromwell - Rodney's English Disco

There's not enough people making this type of warped Pop these days! The Happy Robot Records boss combines synthesisers with hooky melodies and witty lyrics (the only other band I imagine mentioning "PPI" in their songs would be Half Man Half Biscuit). Four originals, including the excellent Comrades (which you should already be familiar with, having listened intently to "A few good tunes Vol 36", yeah?) along with four remixes, including one from The Letter favs Pattern Language.

Rodney Cromwell - Rodney's English Disco

TTilawok - Into Memory

Nice mix of Dub, Techno, Ambient and House from multi-talented artist TJ Perrin, who also takes photographs. That may sound like a mish-mash of styles but together Into Memory is coherent and very listenable.

Alva Noto - Unieqav

If you missed the first two albums in Carsten Nicolai's Uni series (Unitxt from 2008 and Univrs from 2011) don't worry, this is the one you need to listen to. The series began with high frequency glitch in an experimental Jazz template but Unieqav veers towards Techno, with great results. Clean, punchy programming and several very strong tracks including Uni Blue and Uni Dna (featuring Anne-James Chaton).

Alva Noto - Uniqav

SlideUltraUnity - Город Розовых Снов (City of Pink Dreams)

Russian Mountain Techno™ from a newly founded collective called ФАКТУРА (Faktura). City of Pink Dreams is mainly dark IDM in style with ghostly voices and a creepy atmosphere. Ends with the beautiful Pop track Город розовых снов feat. Katya Yonder (Доктор Крупов Cover). From the press release:

Album reminds a nightmare filled with uncertain anxiety. Rustles, voices, mental disorders alternate with an ambience of your native home and familiar places.

Steven Rutter - Brainfog

The ex-B12 stalwart maintains his recent activity with a debut album under his own name. Brainfog is a slow-grower but with repeat listens, its charms soon manifest.



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