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On Fri 17 May 2024 we listened to: Panoram, Kate Pending, Sentence me to Heaven, Al Wootton, Mary Lattimore & Maxwell August Croy, Moderna, MJ Guider, Björn Petrikat, Richard Norris, Bergsonist, Veins Full of Static, Sofie Birch, lil replica, Poppy H, Isolée, Will Hofbauer, Derrick Harriott, tarotplane, Saint Sappho and Earl Sixteen

  • Great Times by Panoram

  • Pigmented Reality by Kate Pending

  • Forever Longing You by Sentence me to Heaven

  • Lifted From The Earth by Al Wootton

  • Terelan Canyon by Mary Lattimore & Maxwell August Croy

  • The Future Is Among Us by Moderna

  • Green Plastic by MJ Guider

  • Dreams by Björn Petrikat

  • Oracle Sound Volume One by Richard Norris

  • lately by Bergsonist

  • A House Wrapped In Sleep (promo) by Veins Full of Static

  • Island Alchemy by Sofie Birch

  • Redux & Respair by lil replica

  • ill-timed: nine whole months of h by Poppy H

  • Beau Mot Plage by Isolée

  • Dingers by Will Hofbauer

  • Sings Jamaica Reggae by Derrick Harriott

  • Aeonium by tarotplane

  • Too Far Gone by Saint Sappho

  • King Tubbys Dub Plates 1985-1987: 10 Singles Set by Earl Sixteen

On The Stereo, 18 May 2024, 00:05

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